Exploring the Philippines Via Bus Travel

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Bus travel is a frequently used form of transportation among Filipinos. Most bus passengers are from the lower class demographics since the rates are less expensive for far distances. A minor number of the middle class ride the bus to travel around the country’s beaches and other major attractions. It’s less expensive than taking a car, with local fuel prices regularly going up. Many bus companies provide group packages, suitable for friends on a road trip or a work outing. Far off distance journeys typically last a minimum of four hours and tale a stopover period of 30 minutes. Use the stopover break to have your meal and pee.

Kinds of Buses
Three kinds of buses can be taken in the Philippines. Pricing the highest but most comfortable to ride in are the private buses. Private buses are commonly hired for group company outings and group tours. Costing midrange travel fare are the new air conditioned buses. These air conditioned buses feature a television playing movies for entertainment. Most locals take the older, non air conditioned buses going to the province. Bus rides without a TV simply have a radio to keep everyone amused. These non-air con buses charge the cheapest travel prices. The total bus fare is Php 1.00 for each 1 km.

Keep Safe
Bus travel is usually secure in the Philippines. However, travelers need to still practice safety measures during travel. Note the bus company’s contact number and license plate. Give these details to a family member. While you are on the bus, never showcase a big quantity of money or flash expensive jewelry, gadgets, and other accessories. Locals and foreigners alike have suffered thievery, losing expensive amounts of money and pricey electronics. Throughout lengthy trips, set aside loose change and tiny bills in your pocket. To avoid attracting unsolicited attention, don simple clothing and never overdress.

Bus Company Areas
Bus chares around Manila start at Php 15. The price will vary according to the bus’ facilities and length of distance traveled. Bus stops in the Greater Manila Area (GMA) are found in the following areas:

1. FTI
2. Baclaran
3. Alabang
4. Pasig
5. Magallanes
6. EDSA Shaw Boulevard
7. Ortigas Avenue
8. Las Pinas
9. Cubao
10. Novaliches
11. SM Fairview
12. Philcoa
13. UP Diliman
14. Zapote
15. Taft Avenue


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